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2015. január 23. - polly graph


  1. hot dog, pop corn, hamburger, ice-cream, fish and chips, vanilla, chocolate, whisky, tea, cheese, water, soda, milk, ice tea, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, restaurant, bar, cafe, club, music, shop, market, supermarket, shopping centre, open, closed, bank, hotel, airport, airplane, souvenir, last minute, taxi, bus, bicycle, garage, airbag, camera, film, radio, TV, video recorder, photo, April, November, July, September, dog, cat, mouse, zebra, fish, zoo, house, fridge, poster, sofa, table, microwave, lamp, fitness, wellness, jogging, football, surf, beach, sport, light, yellow pages, pink, police, stop, tourist, park, city centre, after shave, shampoo, body, relax, spray, head, shoulders, foot, hand, hair, money, fifty, cellar, dance, love, toothpaste, day, tank, long, large, small, medium, star, moon, Bible, Christmas, Santa Claus, night, good night, good-bye, Monday, summer, passport, state (USA), queen, king, kingdom, active, passive, team, time, your, my , I , you, world, thank you, pardon, sorry, lift, street, security guard, detective, week-end, complete, menu, problem, illegal, business, man, woman, German, French, lemon, sun, bush, car park, BMW, cable TV, satellite, perfume, million, talk, call, delete, bag, books, company, shower gel, ON/OFF, AC/DC, year, Goodyear, pop music, rock, heavy, metal, whirlpool, swift, yoghurt, fresh, air conditioning, pub, van, a.m., p.m ., motel, smog, post office, biology, history, story, cool, OK, system, life, for you, calendar, tropical, jungle, coconut, Danube, lake, made in ….. , country, clean, size, e-mail, welcome, plastic, national, cassette, safe, conference, style, mini bar, coffee maker, single, perfect, paper, magazine, copy, biro, bikini, cardigan, shorts, pullover, sandals, T-shirt, matchbox, bridge, play, mobile phone, fax, CD, (S)watch, computer, windows, new, old, vegetarian, big




go to the cinema or go dancing?

go to a zumba class or go to an aerobics class?

study English or study Math?

live in a big house in the country or a small apartment in the city centre?

work in an office or work outdoors?

live in a clod climate or in a hot climate?

go shopping or go hiking?

go skydiving or scuba diving?

eat healthy food or junk food?

be rich but unhappy or poor but happy?

go to Spain or Norway?

see a comedy or a horror movie?

read a book or see a film?

have a dream job or have a million dollars?

meet Barack Obama or Viktor Orbán?

meet the Pope or George Clooney?

ride a bike or ride a horse?

wear a suit or casual clothes?

go to LA or New York?

Our House

I live in a detached house in the country. The house is 6 years old, we bought it in 2009.


We moved here because we wanted to live in a peaceful place. We used to live in the centre of a city, which was a bit noisy and polluted.


The house is quite small. It is a one storey building, a ’bungalow’.


The entrance hall leads to an open plan kitchen. It means that the kitchen, dining room and living room are in a single room. There are three bedrooms, one bathroom and a toilet. We don’t have a cellar or a garage, but we have an attick where we store things. The house is surrounded by a small garden.


The most popular place is the kitchen. We have simple, modern furniture. We have some cupboards where we keep pots and pans, plates, forks, knives, spoons, cups and plates. We store flour, pasta and spices in the cupboards, too. Meat, dairy products and vegetables are in the fridge and the freezer. We have an electric cooker (or ceramic hob), a microwave oven, a mixer, but we don’t have too many kitchen appliances. We don’t have a dishwasher or a cooker hood. But we have a sink and a window, of course.


The dining table is rectangular. This is where we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, play board games, study or surf the internet on a laptop.


The living room area has two large windows and a French window. It is quite light and airy. When you look out of the window, you can see the back garden.


The most important piece of furniture is an old piano. It stands in the corner, next to the window. We also have a sofa, three armchairs, a coffee table and a bookcase. The best thing about this room is the little fireplace – which I think is the heart of every home.


In the evenings we watch TV, read books or magazines, play the piano or listen to music here.



The bathroom is tiled. There is a bath, a basin, a toilet, a mirror on the wall, some cabinets and a washing machine.


The bedrooms are cosy and comfortable. We have a double bed, a big wardrobe and some chests of drawers in the bedroom.


The garden is around the house. We have a tiny kitchen garden where we grow vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and herbs. We also have some flowers. We like gardening, reading and relaxing in the backyard. Sometimes we have a BBQ.


Living in this house has a lot of advantages. It is small but there is room for everyone. The heating system is modern, the building is insulated, so we do not have to spend a lot of money on utility bills. We like the atmosphere of the countryside. The air is fresh, there is no traffic, pollution is not as bad as in the city.


However, there are disadvantages. There are no shops, doctors or restaurants. We dont have a lot of cultural, entertainment or sports facilities. Another problem is that we have to commute to the city to school and work. Public transport is not very efficient, there are not too many trains or buses that you can catch to the city.


Overall, I really enjoy living here, we probably will not move away in the next five years.



Furniture (IKEA 2015, exercises, questions)















Alapfok - témák


  1. TALÁLKOZÁS (bemutatkozás, üdvözlés, búcsú)
  2. CSALÁD (a vizsgázó személyi adatai és családja)
  3. LAKÓHELY (a vizsgázó lakcíme, lakásának és környékének rövid bemutatása)
  4. MUNKA (a vizsgázó foglalkozása, munkája és munkaköre)
  5. TANULÁS (nyelvtanulás, az iskola, tantárgyak, tanárok bemutatása)
  6. UTAZÁS VÁROSI TÖMEGKÖZLEKEDÉSI ESZKÖZÖKÖN (villamoson, autóbuszon, metrón; jegyváltás, jegykezelés, járművek indulása, érkezése, útvonala)
  7. UTAZÁS TAXIVAL (taxirendelés, cím közlése, fizetés)
  8. UTAZÁS AUTÓN (parkolás, benzinvásárlás, autójavítás)
  9. UTAZÁS VONATTAL, REPÜLŐGÉPEN, TÁVOLSÁGI BUSSZAL (állomás, pályaudvar, jegyváltás, indulás, útvonal, érkezés, jegykezelés)
  10. KÜLFÖLDI UTAZÁS (utazási iroda, útlevél- és vámvizsgálat, pénzváltás)
  11. POSTA (levél, távirat- és pénzfeladás)
  12. TELEFON (telefonbeszélgetés, mobiltelefon)
  13. SZÁLLODA (fizetővendég-szolgálat, kemping szállásrendelés, megérkezés, adatlap kitöltése, szolgáltatások igénybevétele, távozás)
  14. ÉTTEREM (helyfoglalás, rendelés, fontosabb ételek, italok, fizetés)
  15. VENDÉGSÉG (vendégek fogadása, bemutatás, kínálás, vendégségben udvarias viselkedés)
  16. BEVÁSÁRLÁS (vásárlás áruházban, üzletekben, a legfontosabb élelmiszerek, öltözködési és háztartási cikkek nevei)
  17. MOZIBAN, SZÍNHÁZBAN (műsor, jegyrendelés, jegyváltás)
  18. ORVOSNÁL (közérzet, gyakoribb betegségek)
  19. SPORT (milyen sportág érdekli, milyen sportot űz)
  20. IDŐ, IDŐJÁRÁS (napi időjárás, évszakok)